Destination Europe used in the “Introduction to Border Studies in Geography” course at the University of Luxembourg

On 4 October 2023, EMN Luxembourg used the educational tool Destination Europe for the third time as part of the “Introduction to Border Studies in Geography” course at the University of Luxembourg. This master’s course helps students understand and explain different aspects of border regions and critically reflect various border concepts. After briefly presenting the … Continued

EMN Luxembourg presented Destination Europe and the EMN to IOM Switzerland

On 29 September 2023, two members of EMN Luxembourg presented Destination Europe, as well as the overall functioning of the European Migration Network, to IOM Switzerland & Liechtenstein in Bern. In a first meeting, EMN Luxembourg presented the different elements and the overall scope of the educational tool to IOM staff. A step-by-step walk-through of … Continued

EMN Italy tested Destination Europe during the Giffoni Film Festival | 20-29 July 2023

Destination Europe was tested by the Italian National Contact Point of the European Migration Network during the Giffoni Film Festival (20 – 29 July 2023), a youth-oriented film festival that promotes cinematic culture through socially impactful films and offers complementary activities such as workshops and seminars for young people focused on solidarity themes. The Department … Continued

EMN Latvia participated in the conference “The European Union – in our everyday life and in the classroom”

On Tuesday, 28 August 2023, the Latvian contact point of the European Migration Network (hereinafter - EMN) participated in the conference of education workers entitled "The European Union - in our everyday life and in the classroom", which was organized by the European Commission and the Education Resource Center of the European Union. EMN conference … Continued

Destination Europe in Cēsis, Latvia (Lampa Conversation Festival 2023)

During the Lampa Conversation Festival in Cēsis, Latvia on 9 and 10 June 2023, EMN Latvia opened the activities of the Human Security Tent on the first day of the festival – June 9 at 13:00 when the discussion game “Destination – Europe” was held. During the festival, two game sessions were held at the … Continued

Successful Destination Europe online kick-off event | 23.09.22

On 23 September 2022, we had the great pleasure to welcome interested people from all over Europe for the Destination Europe online kick-off event. The event intended to raise awareness of the Educational Tool, its target audience and how it works and can be used, with the aim of providing reasons to explore possibilities of … Continued

Destination Europe @ Lampa Conversation Festival, Cēsis, Latvia

During the Lampa Conversation Festival in Cēsis on 1 and 2 July, EMN Latvia had the opportunity to host two parallel sessions of Destination Europe with a diverse groups of people, including youth, school children, retired persons and people in working-age. Over the course of the sessions, the participants were able to take on different roles … Continued

Five language versions of Destination Europe available for download

Destination Europe is now available in five language versions on the website. The print-and-play version can be downloaded in English, French, Latvian, Spanish and Ukrainian. Moreover, the additional materials for teachers and educators are available in English, French and Ukrainian. More language versions will follow soon. Stay tuned!