What people are saying about Destination Europe

Feedback from students

“I had a lot of fun playing it because I am able to put myself in different positions/realities and see what consequences (whether positive or negative) these can have.”

High school student (Luxembourg, December 2023)

“It’s hard being in a role whose values differ from mine.”

High school student (Finland, Spring 2022)

“This game makes you see other perspectives as well as the hurdles that a migrant has to take in order to have a better life”

High school student (Luxembourg, December 2023)

“The game was inspiring and taught about migration with a sufficient level of seriousness. It demonstrated how opinions can be very divided and made it easier to understand them.”

High school student (Finland, Spring 2022)

“This was a very interesting simulation game where you were able to put yourself in the shoes of politicians in migration policy. There were many different options that cover everything in the political spectrum. It was fun because you had the opportunity to have political discussions.”

High school student (Germany, May 2024)

Feedback from teachers

“The game allows you to ‘empathise’, to put yourself in the shoes of political decision-makers, as well as potential migrants.
It allows you to have a dual point of view, which is not always the case when you’re generally stuck on your position in a discussion. Here, it’s about concrete action/reaction.”

High school teacher (Luxembourg, February 2024)

“An interesting game to familiarise pupils with the topic of migration and to deepen their understanding of it. It is also good that current and practical aspects are discussed.”

High school teacher (Luxembourg, May 2024)

“A very complete and realistic game. However, some prior knowledge is required.”

High school teacher (Luxembourg, March 2024)

“I have to try hard to not call this a “game”.You have to make sure that the group of members can trust each other, so that everyone can distinguish between the role and the real person.
You need to reserve enough time for de-briefing after the session, so that participants can talk at length, as the tool simplifies things.”

High school teacher (Finland, Spring 2022)