Negotiate migration policy and see the impacts of your decision

Destination Europe is an interactive learning and training tool about migration and integration.

It is an engaging tabletop tool based on role-play that stimulates discussion and learning about some of the most topical issues in today’s Europe.

Developed by the European Migration Network


Migration and integration are issues of key importance in today’s Europe and will shape its future.

Destination Europe stimulates young people’s awareness and critical thinking about migration and integration.

It is an interactive tabletop learning tool based on role-play that accommodates 4-6 players aged 16+.

Over 90 minutes, they experience migration decision-making as a complex process that involves different actors with sometimes conflicting interests. They are faced with various migration challenges first at the European Union level and then in their national and city contexts.

The tool illustrates real-life impacts policy decisions can have on various categories of migrants and the public in the countries that receive them. It was developed by migration experts from various European countries joined in the European Migration Network.


Destination Europe workshop offered during the “Europe Project Day” at the Gymnasium am Rothenbühl in Saarbrücken

On 15 May 2024, EMN Luxembourg participated in the “Europe Project Day” at the Gymnasium am Rothenbühl (GaR) high school in Saarbrücken, Germany. The central aim of this project day, which was organized for the third time, was to create an understanding of how democracy and Europe are lived. European thoughts and values were passed … Continued

EMN Luxembourg held three educational workshops at the LTPES high school in Mersch

© LTPES, 2019 During the months of March, April and May 2024, EMN Luxembourg organized three educational workshops at the Technical College for Educative and Social Professions (LTPES) in Mersch, Luxembourg. As part of the sociology course in the final school year, students from the educative profession stream learn about different aspects of migration, including … Continued

University students from Slovakia and abroad discussed migration policies

Students are discussing migration policies as part of the educational tool Destination Europe. Photo © International Organization for Migration (IOM) 2024. The European Migration Network (EMN) in Slovakia continues organizing workshops on the EMN educational tool Destination Europe. On 15 April 2024, 20 students of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of the Comenius … Continued

EMN Slovenia held an educational event for senior high school students in Ljubljana

On 27 February 2024, EMN Slovenia held an educational event in Ljubljana, dedicated to Destination Europe and intended for senior high school students. The purpose of the event was to engage the senior high school students in an active discussion on migration, where they would also exchange their views and opinions on various topics within … Continued


Game Design Dr. Alice Szczepanikova with contribution from

Graphic Design & Artwork Heiko Günther

Publisher European Migration Network, 2021

Copyright © Université du Luxembourg, on behalf of the EMN, 2021

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