EMN Slovakia engaged students of the Police Academy in Bratislava into thoughtful discourse on migration topics

During the months of September and October, EMN Slovakia delivered a series of lectures on migration to the students of the Police Academy in Bratislava. As part of the lectures, workshops related to the educational activity Destination Europe took place.

EMN Slovakia colleagues have introduced to approximately 140 students, including part-time students who are already active in the police service, key terms and concepts about migration as well as provided a deeper insight into the complex phenomenon of migration and its significance in the context of the European Union and Slovakia. At the same time, myths about migration that circulate in public opinion were uncovered and debunked, equipping cadets with facts about migration. As a follow-up to the lectures, 3 workshops sessions dedicated to the educational activity Destination Europe were conducted. While taking on a role of a minister, EU commissioner, mayor or civil society organization representative, the students had the opportunity to learn about contemporary topics in today’s Europe as well as to discuss and make decisions that influence development of migration and integration policies.

The Police Academy highly valued the series of lectures and workshops, with students being actively engaged in discussions during lectures. Furthermore, the Destination Europe workshop allowed students to delve into discussing migration policy choices at European, national, and local levels. They not only had the chance to witness the consequences of their decisions on migrant communities; but also engaged in passionate debates about how the values of security, peace, and democracy resonate throughout migrants’ journeys in pursuit of their aspirations.

EMN Slovakia organizes workshops on the topic of migration as part of which students can try the educational activity Destination Europe. The workshop is divided into two sessions of 1,5 hours each, but the duration can also be adjusted according to the needs of a school or class. The workshops are free of charge. We will be glad to provide you with more information. Please contact us by e-mail: ncpslovakia@iom.int

Students of the Police Academy in Bratislava are discussing migration policies as part of the educational activity Destination Europe. Photos © International Organization for Migration (IOM) 2023.