EMN Italy tested Destination Europe during the Giffoni Film Festival | 20-29 July 2023

Destination Europe was tested by the Italian National Contact Point of the European Migration Network during the Giffoni Film Festival (20 – 29 July 2023), a youth-oriented film festival that promotes cinematic culture through socially impactful films and offers complementary activities such as workshops and seminars for young people focused on solidarity themes.

The Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration of the Ministry of the Interior participated in the Festival with an institutional booth dedicated to the activities of the AMIF 2021-2027, which also included information about the EMN network. During the festival, the tool was tested many times; players were able to engage in the activity, assisted and supported by the staff, receiving positive feedback from professionals, parents, educators, visiting the booth.

Destination Europe successfully engaged the audience through an immersive and interactive narrative, stimulating players’ curiosity and enthusiasm. It allowed players to discuss and reflect on the challenges and opportunities related to immigration in Europe. This led to meaningful  conversations about coexistence, welcoming, and integration. Moreover, Destination Europe proved to be an innovative educational tool, effectively combining entertainment and learning. It encouraged critical thinking and reflection on complex topics.