EMN Luxembourg organised a teacher training course for Destination Europe in Walferdange

EMN Luxembourg organized a teacher training course for Destination Europe on 29.02.2024 in Walferdange, Luxembourg.

The course was offered to all persons working in the Luxembourgish education sector, high school teachers were the specific target group. In the end, 9 participants from different high schools and disciplines took part in the 3-hour training course.

This training was organized in collaboration with the National Institute for Teacher Training (IFEN) with the aim of emphasizing the importance of immigration and integration and the relevance of these topics in education, especially in schools and in everyday classroom life.

In a first step, EMN Luxembourg introduced the European Migration Network and the learning tool to the participants, followed by an explanation of how Destination Europe can be integrated into the classroom. There are various options for educators and teachers to integrate Destination Europe into their course: 

  • One-off learning experience: Educators need 90-120 minutes; students draw on what they already know and hopefully get curious to learn more

  • Prepare, play and reflect: Educators need 5 lessons, they devote 2 lessons to Destination Europe and use the rest for preparation and reflection

  • 3 rounds in 3 lessons: Educators need 3 lessons, they divide the 3 rounds into 3 separate lessons (EU, national and local)

EMN Luxembourg also highlighted the additional materials that have been developed to enhance the Destination Europe experience, including a glossary of key terms, background material for educators and trainers and feedback forms for both students and teachers. For more information, please visit the “Additional materials” page!

About half of the course was used to test the learning tool with the participants, which ended with a brainstorming session and a final feedback round. In this context, participants were asked to provide ideas on how Destination Europe could be best integrated into courses. 

EMN Luxembourg would like to thank the participants for their interest in the learning tool, the enriching discussions and their valuable feedback. Special thanks go to IFEN and SCRIPT for their support in setting up this training course. 

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