Destination Europe used in the “Introduction to Border Studies in Geography” course at the University of Luxembourg

On 4 October 2023, EMN Luxembourg used the educational tool Destination Europe for the third time as part of the “Introduction to Border Studies in Geography” course at the University of Luxembourg. This master’s course helps students understand and explain different aspects of border regions and critically reflect various border concepts.

After briefly presenting the background of the EMN, as well as its most important publications and activities, Destination Europe was introduced to the students. In groups of 4, participants then played through the tool, generating engaged discussions on migration and integration challenges. After having taken up various roles at the EU, national and city level, students presented their outcomes and findings in a concluding exchange.

The last part of the session was dedicated to different concepts of borders. Students were challenged to think about different border types and discuss how their visibility and permeability might change, depending on the context. Students were also asked to identify links between borders and migration referring to the various elements included in Destination Europe.

Destination Europe proved to be an innovative and effective way of introducing migration and integration decision-making processes to university students.