Destination Europe @ Lampa Conversation Festival, Cēsis, Latvia

During the Lampa Conversation Festival in Cēsis on 1 and 2 July, EMN Latvia had the opportunity to host two parallel sessions of Destination Europe with a diverse groups of people, including youth, school children, retired persons and people in working-age. Over the course of the sessions, the participants were able to take on different roles and see how their decisions affected migrant populations and society as a whole.

The discussions that emerged during the game allowed the participants to look at different arguments and understand how specific policies can affect the environment in which both local residents and migrants live.

EMN Latvia received very good feedback from the participants, especially on the discussions regarding the local level. In addition, Destination Europe was an excellent introduction to a following debate organised by the Latvian Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs on “An unpredictable migration policy today”.

For more details, including a short video clip and more pictures, please visit the EMN Latvia website.